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Packaged HVAC Unit Services

Packaged HVAC Unit Services in Ypsilanti, MI

packaged hvac unit services in ypsilanti mi

Packaged HVAC units Services in Ypsilanti. (734)-999-7310. installation, repair, or maintenance.
Invest in a convenient, affordable HVAC system for optimal heating and cooling. A-Team Heating & Cooling offers top-notch packaged HVAC systems. Our experienced technicians handle installations, repairs, and maintenance. Trust us for all your home service needs. Contact us at (734)-999-7310 or online today for packaged HVAC services in Ypsilanti.

For all your packaged HVAC service needs in Ypsilanti, call (734)-999-7310 or contact us online today.

What Is a Packaged HVAC Unit?

packaged hvac unit

Discover the benefits of a packaged HVAC system! Unlike traditional split systems, our packaged systems house all necessary components in a single outdoor cabinet. Choose from packaged air conditioners, heat pumps, dual-fuel systems, and gas/electric systems. Schedule now by calling us at (734)-999-7310.

There are a variety of packaged system options, including:
• Packaged gas/electric systems
• Packaged air conditioners
• Packaged heat pumps
• Packaged dual fuel systems


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Upgrading Your Ypsilanti Home? Consider a Packaged HVAC Solution from A-Team Heating & Cooling

If you’re looking for a new HVAC system for your Ypsilanti home, a packaged HVAC unit from A-Team Heating & Cooling could be the perfect solution. Here’s why:

Maximize Your Space: Packaged HVAC units combine the heating and cooling components into one compact unit, making them an ideal option for smaller homes where space is limited.

Simplify Maintenance: With everything conveniently located in one place, a packaged system requires less maintenance and upkeep compared to traditional split systems.

Enjoy Year-Round Comfort: Say goodbye to temperature fluctuations and experience year-round comfort with a reliable and efficient packaged HVAC unit.

Seamless Installation: Our expert technicians will handle the installation process seamlessly, ensuring your new system is up and running quickly and efficiently.

Quiet Operation: Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your new packaged HVAC unit runs quietly, allowing you to relax in a comfortable environment without any unwanted noise.

Save Money: Packaged HVAC systems offer significant cost savings due to their streamlined design and reduced installation costs.

Boost Your Energy Efficiency: Upgrade to a modern and energy-efficient packaged HVAC unit and enjoy lower utility bills and a smaller environmental footprint.

Ready to elevate your home’s comfort and efficiency?

Call A-Team Heating & Cooling today at (734)-999-7310 to request a packaged HVAC installation for your Ypsilanti home. We’ll help you size your system and answer any questions you may have.

Packaged HVAC Rescue: A-Team is Here for All Your Repair Needs

Don’t let a malfunctioning packaged HVAC system disrupt your home’s comfort. A-Team Heating & Cooling is just a phone call away, ready to diagnose and repair any issue, regardless of its complexity.

We specialize in fixing a wide range of packaged HVAC problems, including:

• Low or no airflow: Whether the problem lies with the blower fan, clogged filters, or obstructed ductwork, we’ll identify the root cause and restore proper airflow.

• Leaking refrigerant: Refrigerant leaks can compromise your system’s efficiency and pose environmental risks. Our expert technicians will locate the leak and perform safe and efficient repairs.

• Blown fuses: A blown fuse can lead to complete system shutdown. We’ll replace the fuse and diagnose any underlying electrical issues to prevent future problems.

• Poor maintenance: Neglected systems are prone to breakdowns. We’ll perform a thorough inspection and address any neglected maintenance issues to get your system back on track.

• Burned-out or malfunctioning capacitors: These crucial components can cause erratic operation or system failure. Our team will diagnose the issue and replace or repair the capacitor as needed.

• Unresponsive thermostats: A faulty thermostat can lead to inaccurate temperature control and discomfort. We’ll troubleshoot the thermostat and recommend repairs or replacements.

• Clogged condensation lines: Blocked lines can lead to water damage and system malfunction. We’ll clear the line and ensure proper drainage to prevent future problems.

Why choose A-Team for your Packaged HVAC Repair?

• Prompt and reliable service: We understand the urgency of getting your system back online and respond quickly to your call.

• Expert technicians: Our team is highly trained and experienced in repairing all types of packaged HVAC systems.

• Quality workmanship: We use only the highest quality parts and materials to ensure lasting repairs.

• Competitive prices: We offer affordable repair rates and transparent pricing.

• Guaranteed satisfaction: We stand behind our work and offer a satisfaction guarantee.

Don’t let a broken packaged HVAC system ruin your comfort. Contact A-Team Heating & Cooling today!

Call us at (734)-999-7310 to schedule your repair and experience the A-Team difference.

Maintain Your Packaged HVAC Unit

Professional maintenance is essential for the optimal performance of your packaged HVAC system.
Our skilled technicians conduct routine tune-ups, ensuring a thorough inspection of your unit. By addressing minor issues promptly, we prevent them from escalating into major problems. Additionally, we clean, calibrate, and inspect the system, maximizing its efficiency.
With upfront pricing and lifetime warranties, we provide quality service with great value. We provide a VIP experience for all customers and are proud to be Ypsilanti’s one-stop shop for all your home comfort needs.

When you need superior packaged HVAC service, call our team at (734)-999-7310 or contact us online!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Where Are Packaged HVAC Units Installed?

Liz Ward-Fader
Liz Ward-Fader
Can't recommend this place enough. We had our old furnace go down over night (right as it got cold of course) and had the honorable Harry out in a few hours. We had been told by a different company, it was the most expensive part that needed to be replaced. He tried every avenue to make sure it wasn't that first, to try and help a struggling family of 3, with one on the way, during the holidays. Turns out it was more than one thing, and the humble Harry came out the very next day and fixed the other piece that went down that morning. The prices were very fair, fairest I had been quoted between multiple companies, and he really went out of the way so we wouldn't go a day without heat. Customers for life. Thank you A Team, and Harry.
Todd Irgang
Todd Irgang
I read all the reviews on heating and cooling companies in the area (and had already been using an overpriced, less highly rated company for repairs in the past). Vince, the owner, gave me an estimate quickly without even looking at my system, based on information I provided him, which was significantly lower than the other estimates I received. He made sure everything was good to go when he came out for the deposit check (same day), and then completed the work 2 days later (during the hottest days this year). System is better than the one it replaced, and really cooled the house down faster than ever. They installed the system in about 3 hours, and did a fantastic job. Highly recommend them!
Wafa Mohessin
Wafa Mohessin
Great service and honest people!!!! The technician came on time, diagnosed the A/C, told us what was the problem and how to fix it. He checked the pressure of the A/C, gave some advices and told us how much will cost us to repair. We preferred to buy the parts and repair the A/C by ourselves and he didn’t charge us any penny.
J Morrison
J Morrison
Had our AC go out after hours but they were able to squeeze us in at the last moment. Vince was professional and took pride in the work he did to repair our unit. Took the time to show me how to clean off the unit and didn’t try to upsell or mislead me for sales at all. Overall 10/10 experience and we will be using them for any future hvac needs!
Jamie Pringle
Jamie Pringle
TLDR: A-Team is great, worked quickly and got my HVAC working for a very reasonable price. They've made a new lifelong customer! My house started to feel warm Sunday evening and ice was appearing on the AC coils outside. I called A-Team, they took my information and told me to turn off the AC and would be out first thing in the morning. Harry from A-Team showed up right around 9AM, he took measurements, asked questions and told me that since the AC is about 27 years old that it is probably a refrigerant leak and he would recommend replacing the unit but could also try to refill the refrigerant that could hopefully get me a by another year or two. He told me if an issue with it came up in the next year to give them a call and they'd take off the price of this visit. Harry left about an hour later and the house was feeling nice and cold. About 10 hours later the house started to feel warm again and I got the feeling Harry was right and the refrigerant was leaking more. Tuesday morning I called them, Harry came out by 1PM and said that the refrigerant was leaking even faster now and would recommend a new unit. He also noted that my furnace which was also 27 years old was undersized for my ducts and said replacing it would be good for my power bills & get better heating & cooling throughout the house. He said his brother Vince would send over a quote in a few hours. About an hour later Vince sent over two very reasonable quotes to replace my AC & furnace and had also reduced the cost by the entire Monday visit. I accepted the quote for a new 3 ton 13 SEER AC unit and 5 ton 96% efficiency furnace and got it scheduled for Thursday morning. I told them to let me know if Wednesday opened up as an option because it was supposed to get hot Wednesday. A few hours later I got a message from Vince that they could fit me in on Wednesday and would be there around 8:30AM. By 12:30PM they were done and I had a brand new HVAC system that is keeping the house very cool and I'm getting better airflow upstairs than I have in the 9 years I've been at the house! Thanks Vince, Harry, and the entire A-Team for all your help! You all have made a lifelong customer.
Joe Hasley
Joe Hasley
Called and Harry was here within the hour. Very professional and showed me what was wrong as l watch. They were the only company that picked up the phone. Will use them from now on.
Regan Parker
Regan Parker
They were available on the weekend, reasonably priced, treated us more than fair, and best of all, they’re local to Ypsilanti. Highly recommend.
Melissa Waterbury
Melissa Waterbury
Friendly knowledgeable came out same day great business.
AC made horrendous noise middle of night and had to shut off during this long heat spell. Called 5 places on Google no one could come to even inspect till the next week, others never even called back. A-Team sent someone to look at it end of same day I called and were able to fix the next day. Henry fixed my system and explained some items on my system since I’m a new homeowner. Highly recommend them! Reasonable pricing, just be aware it’s $70 fee to have them come look at system. I figured there would be a fee since others do same, just think the scheduler should mention it when booking so people aren’t caught off guard.
Jessica Lowes
Jessica Lowes
Kelly and Vince are amazing and thanks to them after my furnace went out it was repaired in just an hour after I called in middle of night very sweet understanding people and am very thankful for them. They are the ones to call when you have a spur of the moment emergency they don't give you run around they get right to it! Thanks again