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michigans most trusted hvac repair company

For all your HVAC needs, call A-Team Heating & Cooling! We are your go-to contractor for air conditioning and heating system repairs, replacements, and maintenance. Serving Ypsilanti and surrounding areas including Ann Arbor, Belleville, Brighton, Canton, Chelsea, Dexter, Grass Lake, Gregory, Manchester, Milan, Pinckney, Plymouth, Saline, Superior Twp, Van Buren Twp, Willis, and Ypsilanti. We offer 24-hour emergency AC service 7 days a week. Contact us today at (734)-999-7310. A-Team Heating & Cooling

Our list of services relating to your HVAC system includes:

All Your Heating and Cooling Needs – Covered

Living in super-hot areas in the summer, like Superior Twp, Van Buren Twp, Willis, and or the Ypsilanti areas means you can’t overlook the importance of your air conditioner. AC units work tirelessly to keep your home cool, so it’s crucial to give them the maintenance and service they require to function optimally. At A-Team, we provide comprehensive services for all your air conditioning needs, including installation and repairs for both new and existing systems. Trust us to keep your AC running smoothly.

New AC Units

Did you know that new AC units are so energy efficient that they pay for themselves in a few years? For years, homes in Superior Twp, Van Buren Twp, Willis, Ypsilanti had oversized ACs installed, leading to higher bills and shorter lifespans. Get a new, smaller, energy efficient unit that guarantees years of comfort.

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Air Conditioning Repair

Heating Services

Your HVAC system may not be used as often for heating as it is for air conditioning, but it still works hard during the winter. Our team can provide maintenance, repairs, and installation services for heat pumps and HVAC units to ensure your home stays comfortable throughout the year. Whether you need additional heat to save on energy costs or regular maintenance, our skilled technicians are here to assist you.


Preventative Maintenance & Tune Up

Don’t wait for problems before you call. Preventative maintenance can help keep your air conditioning system and HVAC running in top condition for a lot less than repairs or a new system. Maintenance involves checking your system, repairing any leaks, cleaning the coils, and changing the filters. We can help you spot problems before they become apparent and begin to affect the quality of the air your unit is putting out. Schedule yearly preventative maintenance to help extend the life of your unit.


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